Whenever I get on my soapbox to talk about a customer-first mentality, I always use the term "Seductive Adoption" to describe the behavior that I expect from my products and to set the same expectation with everyone on my team.

A product should not only solve a real pain point, but should be so easy to onboard, adopt, and use that there is never a doubt in the customer's mind that it is the right solution.

There should be as little friction as possible and everything should be obvious and crystal clear on how to get from learning about it to using it in production critical environments.

Equally important, it means robust options for self-discovery and integration like complete and thorough documentation and useful error messages to help guide customers to solve their own problems.

You know that you have succeeded when you approach a customer with a pain point and need to provide nothing more than a link in order to get them to become a loyal, long-time customer.