Forming a great team is important, and no one will dispute that, but the key to a great team is their belief and passion for the problems that they are solving.

I would rather have a small, less-experienced team who is passionate about their work, than a large, experienced team who is just there to collect a paycheck.

“To be the best at anything, you gotta have a certain love for that to make you overcome all the obstacles that are going to be thrown in your way”
- Michael Jordan

Passion, however, isn't enough. The team needs to be passionate about the customer's problem, not the solution. The team needs to be focused on solving the customer's problem, not delivering a particular solution in a particular way.

They need that focus to ensure that they don't fall prey to pushing customers to use a product that doesn't truly solve their problem and encourages them to push back against sunk cost fallacies.

They need to be okay with throwing out what exists today or pivoting to a new direction because of new requirements that are discovered.

Keeping the team focused on the problem also means that more than one solution can be found and only the best one delivered to the customer.